WFDis v1.4 Interactive 6502 Disassembler

Human Mode @Version 2024-04-19 Changelog

This standalone version disassembles binary code for the 6502 processor and variants.

All processing is client-side JavaScript. The analyzed file is not uploaded to the server.
Requires a modern HTML5/ES6 browser (tested in Firefox and Chromium).

CPU model:

Select a file to disassemble (formats):


Click to open/close these side tabs

Full docs are here, sample video here

Click and use cursor keys & shift to select bytes in the disassembly

ShiftA = spawn assembly trace at selected address

G = go to address
ShiftL = define/rename label
; = edit comment
ShiftB = toggle blank line above
[] = adjust indentation

B = display selection as bytes
W = display selection as 16-bit words
ShiftW = display selection as 16-bit addresses
T = display selection as PETSCII text
U = display selection as unknown
C = display selection as font characters
S = display selection as 64-byte sprites (63 bytes + 1 pad byte)
ShiftS = display selection as 63-byte sprites
M = toggle multicolor for character/sprite line

ShiftC = create byte at address being pointed to
Del = delete selected Unknown bytes from listing

ShiftR = run selected code range, for relocation/decompression

CtrlZ = undo
CtrlY = redo

Scroll Lock = toggle smooth scrolling when navigating

ShiftI = Import labels file into current overlay

CtrlShiftS = save to browser storage
CtrlShiftZ = revert to last save
ShiftD = download snapshot